What if the Association receives a CP-2030 Notice from the IRS?

Has your Association received a Notice CP 2030 from the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) with the following wording?

We have received additional information from third parties that changes the amount of your tax, deductions, and payments. As a result, you owe $X,XXX (including interest), which you need to pay by DATE.

This notice is not a request for payment. It is a proposal of changes the IRS thinks need to be made to the Association’s income tax returns. The IRS is comparing 1099 forms submitted by companies that made payments to the Association to the Association’s income tax returns. If the IRS cannot reconcile the 1099 forms submitted to the income tax returns, then your Association may receive this notice.

Let our firm know so that we can respond to the IRS and avoid potential amounts due for the Association.


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